About PRFH

The Houston PRSA chapter formed the Public Relations Foundation (PRFH) in 2001 as a way to support the growth and development of the public relations profession.

How We Promote & Develop Our Profession

As members of the PR profession in the Houston area, we have a unique opportunity to support future practitioners studying communication disciplines right in our own community.

The PRFH supports the growth and development of our profession in two meaningful ways:

  • Awarding scholarships to college students.

  • Providing grants and awards to educators.

The PRFH annually awards up to a $3,000 scholarship to atleast one freshman/sophomore, junior/senior and one graduate student studying PR/communications or attending a university in the Houston area.

Thanks to generous contributions from our donors, we now have the option of awarding a second scholarship, up to $2,000, to another student, should the PRFH Board of Trustees agree that another applicant is deserving of a scholarship.

How the PRFH Works

Gifts are invested through the Greater Houston Community Foundation. This fully tax-exempt public charity manages the PRFH’s funds and carries out certain administrative, accounting, and legal responsibilities. The Public Relations Society of America Foundation manages the scholarship application process.

The PRFH Board of Trustees directs the Greater Houston Community Foundation to issue scholarships and grants to qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations or equivalent. Less than three percent (3%) of total contributions to the PRFH are used for administrative and fundraising purposes.

Questions? Comments? Ideas?

For more information, contact Amanda Fenwick, 2017 PRFH President at amanda.fenwick@earthlink.net.