APR Spotlight

What makes PRSA Houston's newest APR Hayley Fick "tick"?

Q: Why did you decide to earn your APR?

A: Being surrounded by scientists and engineers at NASA, I wanted a way to legitimize my communications skills as being just as pragmatic as their lines of work. I also wanted a strong foundation for explaining why I make certain decisions when counseling on strategy.

Q: How did you study for the exam?

A: Luckily, the public relations program at the University of Texas started preparing me from day one. Their coursework really lends itself to going through the APR process one day. When I got serious about pursuing it a year ago, going through the PRSA awards submission process really helped solidify my campaign skills. Then I pored over the study guide again and again, took practice tests online, and solicited tips from others who had been through the process before.

Q: What tips would you give others interested in pursuing their APR?

A: Don't wait! Especially if you have studied PR in school and have been involved in putting together a few campaigns, it's better to do it sooner rather than later. Still retaining some foundational PR knowledge from school and having the campaigns process fresh in my mind were key to my success.

Q: What's next?

A: A lot! I recently moved to Austin to pursue an MBA at Texas State University and work for the University of Texas's Center for Health Communication. On top of that, I have seriously branched out into freelancing and consulting work for the first time. The big dream is to own my own boutique PR agency one day.