Career Connection: Introducing Creative Circle

By Devin Daniel

Hello Houston!

I’m Devin Daniel, city manager of the Creative Circle Houston team, and I’m excited to partner with PRSA Houston. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship for both of us and another reason I love what I do!

Houston is home to so many exciting companies and talented professionals; I get to help them find each other. Plus, coming from a public relations background, I enjoy helping PR practitioners at every level find new jobs and succeed in their careers. 

For the next few months, I’m going to share professional pearls on a variety of topics you want to hear about. This month, it’s winning the job search.

So, You’re in the Market for a New Job
One of the things that’s both refreshing and daunting about our industry is that it’s normal for people to change jobs every few years. In fact, it’s expected: it shows that you’re climbing the ladder and growing as a professional. At any given time, half the people you know are probably looking for a job – including you!  Unfortunately, some of those may be due to being laid off, which is all too routine in our industry.

No matter why you’re looking for a new job, your best resource is your professional network – up to 85% of jobsare never published but are instead filled through word-of-mouth recommendations of colleagues and friends.

As a PR professional, you are actively building your network whenever you can, so you probably already have a sizeable group of contacts. Start mobilizing that network! Pick up the phone and call the people you know, get coffee with colleagues, and go to mixers. Connecting on LinkedIn is fine, but meeting in real life is the literal way to get your face in front of someone and have them remember you. Whether you’re reaching out to reconnect with existing connections or make new ones, give yourself a daily or weekly quota: make finding a new job your job.

Before You Hit Send, Polish That Resume
Before you submit a single application on LinkedIn or Glassdoor, make sure your resume and portfolio are in order. Employers usually spend six seconds or less on a resume, so yours must be able to quickly and succinctly convey your current skills and experience.

You probably already know the basics about crafting a resume and a professional portfolio (and if you need some help, check out the resources below). Beyond those essentials, when I review a candidate, I’m looking for:

  • A well-thought-out portfolio that shows organization and attention to detail
  • Strong writing skills across a variety of projects
  • A wide variety of samples, including press clippings showing successful media placement.

internshipsdemonstrate a breadth of professional experience (especially if you’re just starting out). And when I see a candidate resume that showscertifications and courseworkthrough sites like, I know that person has real initiative and is dedicated to staying on top of their craft.

How Creative Circle Can Help
One of the things I love about working for Creative Circle is that we’re committed to the success of our talent. Even if we’re not able to immediately hook each candidate up with a job, we are always developing career resources to help them hone their skills – fromcreating an attention-getting resumeand acing the interviewto negotiating a benefits package and thriving in your new role. We empower you to find your next great job…then the next one, and the one after that.

If you’re not already familiar with us, take a look at our website– we have many job opportunities posted, and you can search by location and role. To make sure you don’t miss an opportunity, sign up to receive job alert emails. Simply provide a few details about what you’re looking for, upload your resume, and we’ll email you when we get a job that matches your interest. If you receive an alert that sounds like a good fit, reply directly to that email and include three or four reasons why you’re a match. If we agree, you’ll definitely hear from us.

Don’t take it personally or get discouraged if we don’t respond: our goal is the best fit for both the employer and the client so you’re both happy and you can do your best work. You can’t give up, especially since your next job could be closer than you think.

One of the best ways to stay motivated in your job search is to get out and talk to people who are passionate about the industry – and enjoy some good conversation, refreshments, and career enrichment at the same time. I’ll be a regular at upcoming PRSA Houston events, and I’d love it if you came up and introduced yourself. We’re also planning a professional development workshop, cohosted by PRSA Houston and Creative Circle. It’s going to be a great mixer, in addition to an opportunity to increase your value as a professional. We’ll let you know event details as soon as they’re finalized.

Watch this space to learn more, and read another article next month!

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