Network Like A Pro With These 5 Tips

By Kara J. Rice

I'm happy to introduce our organization, INNOV8 Talent, to PRSA Houston's members! We are a recruitment agency that specializes in creative, marketing, and product talent and helping our clients build their extraordinary teams. We work across a variety of industries and verticals and although we mostly focus on direct hire positions, we also have long-term contract work available from time to time for those individuals who are seeking more temporary opportunities.

As the owner of this firm, I am extremely honored and excited for iNNOV8 Talent to have been chosen as a trusted partner for the new PRSA Houston Career Connection Program!  We hope to bring PRSA Houston’s members valuable insights and information they can utilize in their own career searches and job moves. Not only do we strive to be a valuable partner resource to both candidates and clients, we look forward to the close relationship we hope to develop with PRSA Houston members in the greater Houston community.

After spending several years in sales and marketing positions, I soon found myself recruited into the staffing industry. What I enjoyed most was that I was able to use my education and experience within marketing communications because it was our specialization and focus at the staffing firm I was hired into. During my time spent both in recruiting and staffing I really began to hone-in on what worked within the industry and what was seriously broken. Feeling as though I could fix the bad and expand on the good, all while providing a higher-level service offering to both candidates and clients…I was inspired to open my own recruiting agency and the rest as they say, is history!

As part of this new partnership, one of the first things I want to offer to potential job seekers is advice on how to effectively reach out and communicate with us if you are seeking new employment, have recently lost a job, or are inquiring about one of our job opportunities. There comes a time in almost every professional’s career where they start to consider making a move from their present employer. 

Here are 5 essential steps to take in order to network like a pro:

  1. Update your resume

For some, this is an ongoing process, but for others it may have been years since they have sat down and re-vamped this all-important document. It’s imperative before reaching out to our agency that you modernize, properly format, and update your resume making sure you are showcasing your achievements and successes in your career in the best manner possible. We are happy to advise and help in this area, but for more in-depth help, I always recommend reaching out to a professional resume writer.

  1. Complete a LinkedIn Profile

Although not a must, more and more of our clients and employers request us to send them a candidate’s LinkedIn URL and are hoping to see a fully, filled out profile page. It has become a part of our standard practice when submitting candidates to clients for their open positions. Think of this resource as a branding opportunity, a digital version of your resume, and a business card all wrapped up in one neat package. It serves as valuable additional real estate that helps add to your online persona and much like a business website, adds to establishing reputability. For a creative and marketing professional, it’s also a great place to get noticed and showcase your online portfolio and samples.

  1. Portfolio and Samples

Many of the positions we have available will have deliverables associated with the type of work being done. If you are a designer, copywriter, or a marketing professional, it’s in your best interest to have either an online portfolio or at the very least, recent samples of your work. There are many free portfolio sites to showcase your work or you can opt for buying a domain and using a paid resource. Either works fine.

  1. Email Us

Finally, send a short, but focused email to our team letting us know a little about yourself, your current situation, and what you are looking for in your next move. A few short sentences and an attached resume with complete contact information is essential. If you are inquiring about a specific job opportunity we have advertised, please include the position in your email subject line. Additionally, you can apply through our career portal page located on our website, call us, or send us a message on one of our social media channels.

  1. Prepare for a call

When we schedule a call with you, we want to be able to fully focus on you. Just as you would set aside time for a formal interview, we would love to have your undivided attention as well. Although our conversation will be more casual and really exploring your skills and what it is you are looking to achieve, finding a quiet place to speak is imperative. No major preparation is needed, but be prepared to speak about your transitional history, your background and skillsets, what positions you would most be interested in, and the salary ranges you desire. 

Our hope is that we have provided valuable insights that not only work for partnering with our agency, but serve as a general guideline for partnering with other resources as well. Career change is inevitable—whether chosen or forced.  No matter your situation, you can network with confidence knowing you have iNNOV8 Talent and PRSA Houston preparing you to tell your story in a compelling way. Check out our current openings at www.innov8talent/careers.

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