2019 Excalibur Awards

June 27, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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The Royal Sonesta
2222 West South Loop
Houston, TX 77027
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Entry Requirements and Rules

1. Eligibility

All communicators in the Houston area are eligible to submit as many entries in as many categories as they choose. Identical entries in multiple categories will not be accepted. Entrants must submit only their original work or work they directly supervised. The work entered must have been primarily completed or produced in the Greater Houston Area during the 2018 calendar year.

2. Entry Deadline and Fees

Entries must be submitted with payment in full by one of the dates listed below.

*Awards are due by midnight CST on the date indicated to receive correct pricing.
**University Student Campaign Category Only

3. Payment Options

Payments will be accepted by credit card at prsahouston.org or by check. If paying by check, confirmation email of award entry must be submitted with payment.

4. Entry Requirements

All Campaign and Tactical Category entries must include and will be judged on the following:

  • Promo: 100-word description (to be used for promotional purposes)
  • Overview statement/summary: A clear and concise overview of the entry (600-word limit)
  • Research: Summarize research conducted or gathered for the project, and show how that research helped define your goals, objectives, strategies and target audiences.
  • Planning: State the goals and measurable objectives of the program or project, along with the intended impact on the target audiences and, by extension, the organization.
  • Implementation: Describe the strategies, techniques and tools used to meet the objectives. What key messages did you convey, and why? What, if any, challenges did you overcome? Include the project's timetable and budget. What extraordinary circumstances did you overcome?
  • Evaluation: Detail success by matching outcomes to the objectives. Discuss the impact of the program on the target audience and organization. How did you measure results? Did you meet the timetable and budget? If not, why not?
  • Supporting Materials: Claims made in your summary must be substantiated by supporting materials included with your entry. Supporting materials are limited to one (1) PDF document, not to exceed twenty (20) pages or 15 MB. The PDF can include a combination of photos, samples, drawings, graphics, maps, videos*, and printed collateral. *Upload videos to YouTube and provide a link in your pdf document.