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About our Chapter

With more than 400 active chapter members, PRSA Houston is one of the nation's largest and most active chapters of the Public Relations Society of America. Founded in 1950, we help members become more valuable to their organizations and clients and, therefore, more successful professionally, by providing peer-based support, by encouraging professional growth through participation in educational programs and leadership roles, and by promoting the highest standards of professional competence and ethics.


We understand the difficult financial situation many of our members are faced with during the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn. PRSA is ready to assist with a financial hardship plan for those who qualify. The program covers those who have been a member of PRSA for a total of three or more years and are unemployed or temporarily disabled.

The hardship dues for regular national members is $125, a savings of $130 from the full dues of $255. Members who renew with the hardship plan will still receive all PRSA member benefits. To apply for the hardship program, members must complete and sign the application, on which they attest that they are unemployed or temporarily disabled.

Job Bank

If you are beginning your public relations job hunt in the greater Houston area, our job bank will help you stay ahead of the competition and reach your career goals.

Advocating for an informed public - facilitating accurate COVID-19 resources

PRSA and the PRSA Health Academy are taking action to involve members in addressing the communications challenges of the current crisis.

Understanding and verifying sources, related to any issue, is critical — especially in times of crisis. The digital age is filled with false information, misinformation and disinformation, so consider these points when seeking trustworthy sources:

  • Avoid single-source news and seek out multiple major media outlets with varying views.

  • Identify established, authentic expertise and think critically – is the source credible?

  • Verify and cross-check material through multiple sources.

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PRSA Houston Announces the 2021 Board of Directors

PRSA Houston Announces 2021 Leadership Roles
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