PRSA Houston Benefits and Dues

PRSA Houston is your local career connection to the world's largest and most prestigious association for public relations professionals. Whether you are a student, a mid-career professional or a seasoned veteran, PRSA Houston serves as a gateway to career development opportunities. In an industry that is ever changing and always challenging, public relations professionals need to be one step ahead in communications strategies and skills. Joining PRSA Houston can help you expand and advance your career.


To Apply:

  • Qualified applicants must be unemployed and demonstrate dedication to participate in PRSA
  • Up to three applicants will be selected
  • Available for new to seasoned professionals
  • Submit resume and cover letter by March 31, 2021 to [email protected]


National Membership Dues

Full Member: 
$325 ($65 Initiation Fee and $260 Annual Dues)

Associate Member:
(No Initiation Fees and Annual Dues as follows)
Less than 1 year experience: $115;
Less than 2 years experience: $155;
Less than 3 years experience: $200;
Graduate Students: $60;
PRSSA Graduates: $60;
Retired: $50.

*After three years, Associate Members will be upgraded to Full Members. Graduate students may remain Associate Members for up to six years provided they are full-time matriculated students.

Former PRSA member (Reinstating Member):
$260 annual dues plus a one-time $35 reinstatement fee.

Hardship Plan: 
PRSA is pleased to offer a financial hardship plan to members who are unemployed or temporarily disabled. 

Local Membership Dues
Full Member/Associate/Retiree: $55 (No Initiation Fee)

You must become a member of PRSA National in order to become a member of the local Houston Chapter. Dues for PRSA Houston of $55 must be paid with your national dues at the time of your initial application or annual renewal. For more information on PRSA Houston membership contact PRSA Houston President Meagan Coughlin, APR at [email protected]