Chapter Officers and Board of Directors

Board meetings take place at 10:30 a.m. in the months during which a luncheon is planned. All members are welcome to attend.

2018 President
Charles Smith
(713) 494-8128

2018 President-Elect
Isidro Reyna
(210) 831-9483

2018 Vice President
Jessica Anderson
(713) 871-1900

2018 Secretary
Linda Madden
(713) 627-2223

2018 Treasurer
Danette Mozisek
(832) 660-1166

Immediate Past President
Saki Indakwa
(281) 649-6823

Scholarship Committee Chair
Deborah Buks
(713) 269-0707

2018 Board of Directors
Lisa Ashley
(713) 670-2644

2018 Board of Directors
Meagan Coughlin
(713) 993-4504

2018 Board of Directors
Anna Czarnecka
(713) 869-0707

2018 Board of Directors
Leslie Friedman
713-222-0290, ext 1311

2018 Board of Directors
Justin Lacey
713-551-8100 ext. 1060

2018 Board of Directors
Amy Lach
(713) 627-2223

2018 Board of Directors
Michael Zientek
(713) 354-1556

Maureen Maiuri

Assembly Delegates

Assembly Delegates are Accredited members who serve as the Chapter's representatives at the meetings of the PRSA Assembly. They are elected by the Chapter membership for a three-year term in accordance with provisions of the Bylaws of the Society and are voting members of the PRSA Houston Board of Directors.


Assembly Delegate
Assembly Delegate
Assembly Delegate
Assembly Delegate



Committee Chairs

PRSA Houston is always seeking volunteers to serve on our numerous committees and help out with special events. If you're interested in using your public relations skills to help improve our chapter, expand your community network or just have some fun, contact one of the committee chairs below.


Accreditation Chair
Communications/Newsletter Chair
Media Mixers Chair
Membership/Hospitality Chair
New Professionals Chair
Programs Chair
Social Media Chair
University Relations Chair