Past Scholarship Winners

2018 Scholarships Awarded

The Scholarship Committee conducted 2018 scholarship interviews and awarded a total of six scholarships totaling $12,500 to outstanding students studying public relations.

Recipients included:

  • Freshman/Sophomore Students
    • Mikol Kindle Jr. ($2,000 scholarship), Texas Southern University
    • Dante James ($1,000 scholarship), Texas Southern University
  • Junior/Senior Student
    • Stephanie Stevens ($2,000 scholarship), Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Graduate Students
    • Elizabeth Campbell ($1,500 scholarship), Texas Tech University
    • Catherine Burch Graham, APR ($1,500 scholarship), Northeastern University
    • Kara Slaughter ($2,500 scholarship), University of Houston
  • Harvey Scholarship
    • Pamela Padilla ($2,000 scholarship), University of Houston


2017 Scholarships Awarded

The Scholarship Committee conducted 2017 scholarship interviews and awarded a total of six scholarships totaling $14,000 to outstanding students studying public relations.

Recipients included:

  • Freshman/Sophomore Students
    • Alyssa Foley ($3,000 scholarship), Houston Community College
    • Reagan Bisel ($2,000 scholarship), Trinity University
  • Junior/Senior Student
    • Teddi Cliett ($3,000 scholarship), Sam Houston State University
  • Graduate Students
    • Felicia Russell Perez ($3,000 scholarship), University of Houston
    • Dorina Carrillo-Gamboa ($2,000 scholarship), Syracuse University
    • Wendy Pierce ($1,000 scholarship), University of Houston


The Public Relations Foundation of Houston Awards 2016 Scholarships

The PRFH conducted our 2016 scholarship interviews in 2016. Three $3,000 scholarships went to Abby Hendricks, freshman student at Texas A&M University-College Station, Natasha Wilson, senior at the University of Houston, and Erika Sanchez, graduate student at University of Houston- Clear Lake. Angela Theis, junior at Sam Houston State University and Stefani Crowe, graduate student at the University of Houston were finalists and each received $1,000 to $2,000 as honorable mention.

Erika Sanchez

$3,000 Graduate Scholarship Recipient

Stefani Crowe

Graduate Scholarship Finalist

Natasha Wilson

$3,000 Junior - Senior Scholarship Recipient 

Angela Theis

Junior - Senior Scholarship Finalist

Abby Hendricks

$3,000 Freshman - Sophomore Scholarship Recipient

Jordan Glidewell

Jordan Glidewell- 2015 PRFH Scholarship Winner

After receiving the 2015 PRFH Scholarship, Jordan Glidewell is continuing to pursue her agricultural communications and journalism degree at Texas A&M University in College Station. Growing up on ranch, she has always been passionate about farming and agricultural science. While at the university, she has supported her education as a student worker in the Office of the Provost and Student Affairs Department. Dr. Tobin Redwine, an Academic Advisor at the college, inspired her to choose the public relations career path.

In her spare time, Jordan is involved with the numerous student organizations, including the Public Relations Student Society of America and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. She also volunteers as an Aggie Rep for the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications. During the 2015 summer semester, Jordan will be an intern at the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America in Fort Worth. Upon graduation in May 2016, she hopes to practice public relations with an organization, company, or agency that works in the agricultural sector.


Gerardo Espinal Franco- 2014 PRFH Scholarship Winner

After winning the PRFH Scholarship in 2014, Gerardo Espinal Franco completed his B.A. in Philosophy and Public Relations from the University of Houston. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with University Honors and Honors in Major, the highest honors designation at the University of Houston. 

Upon graduation, Gerardo was admitted into the Masters of Arts Program in the Humanities at the University of Chicago. Now, Espinal lives in Chicago where he is working towards completing his M.A. in June 2015. His course work centers on education, philosophy and professional and academic writing. Gerardo has advanced his public relations skills and interests through the renowned writing program at the University of Chicago.

While working on his M.A., Gerardo also works part-time as a literacy aide and Latino outreach representative for Firman Community Services, a government agency, which extends educational opportunities to underprivileged Chicago communities. In his spare time, he studies German and French as part of his long standing ambition to speak four languages. 

After surviving the brutal Chicago winter, Gerardo is excited to move back to Houston to pursue a career in high school or community college education or public relations.