PRSA Houston Cares

A partnership between PRSA Houston and Houston PetSet

PRSA Houston’s Service and Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) committees are joining forces to help homeless cats and dogs in the greater Houston area. From entry level to seasoned pros, we need your help to create a comprehensive public service campaign that will positively impact thousands of animals and residents living in Houston. If you're interested in participating, sign up here.

As the chapter prepares to host an APR Boot Camp April 22-25, 2020, active participation in this project will provide professionals the ability to use this experience for Accreditation Panel Presentations or to earn APR maintenance points.

Participants will meet once per month in person, beginning in July, and by conference call (if additional meetings are needed). 

Expected 2019 milestones include:

•Form core team
•Learn about the state of animal welfare in the greater Houston area

•Establish team member roles and responsibilities
•Develop desired public awareness campaign outcomes
•Design one-day, hackathon-style event – date, location, format, activities
•Contact other communications and marketing organizations to engage members in event
•Prepare event recruitment pieces – media alerts, social media posts, flyers

•Finalize event plans and run of show
•Develop participant materials – presentation, handouts, instructions
•Conduct final recruitment push
•Prepare for media and social media event coverage

•Hold hackathon-style event
•Compile event recommendations and prepare to implement public service campaign
•Prepare to hold media event with city and county officials to announce upcoming public service campaign
•Hold media event

•Design all aspects of public awareness campaign
•Leverage relationships to secure access to messaging channels
•Evaluate project planning and implementation and document lessons learned should PRSA wish to replicate the effort in the future


Got questions? Contact Accreditation Co-Chair Becky Best, APR, at [email protected].